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Second week of our Summer 2019 hols

I know, I know readers, a slightly improved title but I know what you are saying, can she really not put more effort into it. Or as my teacher would say in my end of year report “could try harder”.The

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Summer holiday 2019

I am sorry dear reader that I have not come up with a better title for this blog. Hopefully it will not deter what I am sure is my only faithful follower, our daughter, who as we speak, is on

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The transfer back to the airport was different and a little nail bitting at times with the driver dashing across several lanes of traffic and pulling out infront of others as he darted from one hotel to another picking up

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Budapest Day 2 – Rain, History and tired legs.

After a really good nights sleep we made it down for the excellent buffet breakfast at 09:30 am.  Although it would be another day of walking, I did managed to restrict myself to only going up twice. With so much

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Mini Break to Budapest

With winter feeling long we decided to have a weekend away. Browsing on the internet using Easyjets citybreak offers we settled on Budapest. That was about 4 weeks ago and after reviewing various articles on what to see we had

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Heading for home at Changè

So Thursday morning has arrived and after a tremendous downpour all night we woke to blue skies and a much fresher feel. Such a shame we need to move, but move on we must. Now dear reader we have had

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Change of mind – Saint Martin De La Place

About half an hour into our drive from Gastes Andy puts out the idea of going straight on to the Campsite on the Loire at Saint Martin De La Place and miss out Hourtin. We don’t have the bicycles this

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