Change of mind – Saint Martin De La Place

About half an hour into our drive from Gastes Andy puts out the idea of going straight on to the Campsite on the Loire at Saint Martin De La Place and miss out Hourtin. We don’t have the bicycles this year so it won’t be quite so quick and easy to get to the beach. I know, we have the motorbike but the beach is at that in between distance from the Aire. Much too short for the motorbike, just a little too far to walk in this heat (read that as getting lazy). Now I had my heart set on an evening meal out at Hourtin as there are several restaurants at the marina so wasn’t too sure about this change of plan. I put the town of Saumur in the Satnav just to see how long, 4 hours. Your driving, I say, up to you.

Beautiful straight tree lined roads just so French.

Love their roundabouts. This one had grape vines too. Anyone home?

Andy then offers a meal at the restaurant along the river bank that we saw last year and a promise of a fruit de mer in Saint Malo as compensation. Ok, let’s go as we will be able to enjoy a longer spell relaxing and swimming in the river will be great during this hot spell.

We need to do a “big shop” before we get there as the nearest supermarket is about 20/30 minutes away and there is only so much you can carry in a rucksack. Two hours into the drive we spot a Super U with easy access, makes life much easier. It is bliss inside with their air conditioning, so we travel up and down each aisle, a bit fatal as more and more goes in the trolley (£100+ which includes wine and cider)

Back in Bella and Andy opts to do the final hours drive as we had swapped after two hours. At 5,o’clock we roll up to the gate. The barrier is up and a notice on the reception door. They have gone to their daughters birthday party, be back at 7pm and a list of pitches already booked. We find an available pitch river side and go and have a swim.

Our view

More of our view

We arrived Friday 29th and today is Tuesday, yes I know dear reader, I have been lazy with the blog. We have been swimming, sunbathing and watching the most amazing sunsets each night.

Their has only been one fly in the ointment, excuse the pathetic pun, mosquitoes. We have never been bothered by them when we have stayed here before, but this year there are hundreds of them. We have tried everything, citronela candles surround us at night, smokey bbq, repellents sprayed and rubbed on us and in desperation we even rubbed lemon juice on ourselves as we had read on Facebook it worked. You should have seen us, now we smelt lovely but covered in bits of lemon that slowly dropped off us as they dried. We had to have another shower before we went to bed.

Church at Saint Martin De La Place

Yesterday in desperation we walked up to the little villages pharmacy and have purchased repellents for body and clothes, room repellents and antihistamine cream. What works best short term is a very hot tea spoon on the bites to get rid of the itching and then the cream on afterwards. The numerous bites are beginning to go.

Now on the way to the village we pass the said restaurant that was mentioned when we were changing our minds, guess what. It isn’t open. Now I don’t know whether it is permanently closed or just waiting for the season, but we won’t be having our meal there. That fruit de mer is getting bigger and bigger now.

The plan at the moment is to stay here relaxing till Thursday when we will move up to Changè and then Evian on Friday before catching the ferry on Saturday.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Looks fab u less. Xx


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