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Having to go the wrong way.

Arriving back at the hotel last night the hotel manager informed us that she had been unable to confirm the booking of a taxi to take us to the airport tomorrow morning as there was a possibility that they would

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Gaudi’s final works, very Família

Cobalt bluè skies but definitely a north wind welcomes us this morning as we start our final full day of sight seeing. Calfs, backs and feet are starting to make their presents felt as we walk up what is becoming

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The first day of Gaudi

Breakfast started on the Rambla in the dapled morning sunshine. The trees are quickly shedding their leaves as autumn approaches, the sky is beautifully blue again with a light wind definitely giving a colder feel to the day. First on

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A walk through 2000 years of history

Waking to a wonderful blue sky we make our way back to Les Quinez Nitz again this morning for breakfast. But first we locate the starting point of the free walking tour. Most large cities offer these. They are usually

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Four days in Barcelona

Yesterday we were up at 7am to catch the EasyJet flight from Jersey to Gatwick. We are meeting up with Misha to enjoy five days in Barcelona. The city has been in the news a lot recently with the Catalan

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