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Another fabulous Aire at Les Roches – L’Everque on the river Loir

Those blinking frogs.! That will teach us for moving up and bagsing the pitch with the extra room. We never really noticed the noise during the day, but oh boy at night they never shut up. One frog would start

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Plan already in the bin

Well that plan didn’t last long. We had a lovely morning in the sunshine at Lamarche sur Saone watching the fishermen setting up on the banks and the hire boats set off for another stop further along the river Yonne

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Lamarche-sur-Soane, been here before.

Well we did a bit of planning last night as to where we would stop on our way back to St Malo for our ferry home on Saturday evening. We normally catch the Sunday boat to stretch out our holiday

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Wild camping at the base of the Jura Mountains

It was a lovely peaceful night last night and after a quick E & F we were soon on our way heading further north and leaving Switzerland via the Jura Mountains passing over Mont d’Or which is famous for its

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Our last lake but not in Italy

This is the beginning of our last week and so we must start heading north. We have decided to cross over the Alps via the Simplonpass which is within the Swiss boarders. At the town of Varso you can put

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New lake new country

Today we really had to get moving, we loved our lazy day yesterday and were up early this morning, so early infact that when Andy went to get the croissants from the cafe next door he was taken in to

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Change of minds

Last night we packed up the awning and chairs and loaded the bikes ready for an earlyish start this morning. Whilst eating our beautifully freshly baked milano croissants (filled with apricot jam) that Andy purchased from the restraurant kitchen, and

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